Milk + Honey

I was approached by the lovely Stephane (Creator & Founder) of Milk and Honey in November 2016 after watching a video of a poem I wrote called The Dare. The piece explores my own experiences on love and being challenged by the love of God. This collaboration was an awesome gift and I was able to witness a collective of women, who stood for what they believed in, uplifting, inspiring and encouraging others world-wide. its a fantastic hub for women internationally. Check out their lasted posts and join the movement. 

The Natashas Project

Founded in 2013, The Natashas Project is a powerful dance company which tackles the issue of Human trafficking in the sex slave industry. Their goal is to reach people internationally through the medium of dance, sharing raw truths about the causes and effects of sexual exploitation. This project is very dear to my heart. The Global Slavery Index 2013 reports of “29.8 Million people in slavery today”, the largest it’s ever been. The US Department of State says that “80 per cent of all trafficking victims are women and children”. For more information and how you can support them, please go to The Natashas Project Facebook page.


The Rebirth Network is an award-winning dance theatre company coming straight out of East London (UK), bringing entertaining and soul captivating concepts to the world’s stage. Rebirth is a culturally diverse, multifaceted company, fusing hip hop, contemporary, spoken word and dance theatre like no other. Bringing together a top team of passionate and talented individuals, the company's aim is to inspire and motivate audiences, communities, dance artists and young people nationally and internationally. The mission is simple: to impact the world in which it stands by bringing positive, life changing, and influential messages through the art of dance and theatre, drawing their main source of inspiration from their Christian faith, real life, and the culture. Check out their website for more information and how you can support them.